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The Artist Journey

A great American painter Dan McCaw once said, “ an artist journey is an endless journey... you will never finish saying all you have to say”.  So this is where I am....on a journey to express on canvas with paint, brushes, palette knives, or any other tool,  that which I see and feel about a subject.

Originally, I did not choose the artist path .  I graduated from Indiana University as an elementary and special education teacher.  My masters work was in remedial reading.  From there, life’s journey took me through years of teaching, becoming a wife, a mother, a commercial pilot (seriously), a dressage trainer and instructor, a manager of a computer sales and service business, a grandmother, and a sailor.  In 1999 we sailed from the Great Lakes to North Carolina and stayed.

Now my husband and I travel in our camper, which is great,  since I love most of all to paint out of doors.  There I work to capture that special something that makes the scene so inspiring.  I want you to enjoy it too..


Carolyn’s Paintings are on display at her Arapahoe Gallery and Studio.

Arapahoe Gallery and Studio
8055 South Highway 306
Arapahoe, North Carolina

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